an abnormal mission

an abnormal mission.

We want you to buy less food.

Wrap your head around that for a second...

Let us explain this one. It's the exact opposite of what the food industry wants. But we’re abnormal by design.

the food industry.

Food is traditionally designed to produce waste.

Questionable short dated products, ambiguous best before dates and multi-buy deals all drive a food & energy waste economy.

At the same time, landfill levels are at an all-time high. Something has to change.

Moving to minimal food waste is a fundamental aim of abnormal.

the food industry

our mission.

At our core lies a single question: How do you reduce food waste and improve our personal health & wellbeing?

We made it our mission to crack this question. The answer: abnormal. Nutritionally complete, personalised meals, naturally designed to deliver what a healthy body needs.

Everyone of us is unique and our nutritional requirements are too, so we’ve personalised each meal to fit abnormal. to you. Perfectly portioned in a single serving, on the go sachet.

Minimal food waste & zero over-consumption. Food waste is simply minimised.

zero waste


Our mission doesn't stop at reducing food waste. It starts at the source and ends with you.

So you'll find that our ingredients are 100% palm oil free. Deforestation isn't our thing.

Whilst we're talking planet... abnormal. comes in paper-based sachets, using ground-breaking material to change the way we use packaging.

Even the box uses an innovative design to ensure no tape or adhesive is needed in its construction.


make the movement.

And whilst we're helping to build towards reducing our waste economy, we're also committed to fighting hunger on a global level.

Every time you receive your subscription box, we donate to our worldwide hunger charity, ShareTheMeal, and feed a starving child for a full day.

Together we can make a difference.

abnormal. is more than a purchase you make. It's a movement you're helping to create.

help fight world hunger