about us

about us.

The a. team is made up of a diverse mix of really talented people.

From qualified nutritionists to super smart techies, we are all incredibly passionate about what we do and what abnormal. stands for.

We don't use third parties for anything as we believe in doing the hard yards ourselves and innovating in house across everything from technology to product formulation. It's part of our core mission around minimising waste and maximising the quality of what we offer to you.

The growth of abnormal. has taken us all by surprise, but it's a nice surprise. So whilst we started small, the team is growing fast and we're constantly on the look out for amazing people to join the team. If you'd like to show us what you've got, then send in your CV to jointheteam@abnormal.io.

abnormal hq.

Although we're based right here in the UK and have an incredible environment to work in at abnormal. hq, we're set up so that a. team members can work anywhere in the world.

Through modern technology and an amazing team ethic, at any point in time, the lights are on and we're pushing things forward somewhere on the planet.

Check out social media for more about the team and things that go on inside abnormal.

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high tech food.

From very early on, right back at the concept stage, we knew the only way to make our vision a reality, was to build everything in-house.

Due to the sophistication and uniqueness of abnormal. the technology and capabilities simply didn't exist.

Fast forward through a lot of midnight oil and whiteboard sessions and we're proud to have a ground-breaking platform that encompasses all parts of abnormal. - made in Britain.

We believe in innovating hard and failing fast. You can be sure that everything you touch with abnormal. has undergone thousands of iterations in our strive for perfection. It's just how we work.