how it works.

food redefined.

abnormal. is like nothing else on the planet. It's a nutritionally complete meal that is personalised to your specific needs. Using very clever algorithms, it learns what makes you unique and then creates a meal designed for you.

abnormal. provides an optimal balance of vitamins and minerals, protein, fibre, fats, complex carbohydrates, plus a number of other active ingredients. It's truly revolutionary, breaking new ground in healthy eating.

Think of it as real food in a convenient powder. Simply add water and shake to make. It's both convenient – barely 30 seconds to make - and nutritious - low sugar, high protein and high fibre.

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food redefined

abnormal. is

real personal food.

Only the finest ingredients are used in abnormal. including chicory root, oats, natural proteins, and a range of widely researched active ingredients tailored to your needs such as cherry extract, ashwagandha, panax ginseng and many more.

Following a vegan, flexitarian or a typical western diet - no problem. Suffering from certain intolerances or allergies - no problem. Feeling tired and lethargic during the day - no problem. abnormal. will sync to you.

Each meal delivery comes with a fully personalised booklet so you know exactly what makes your meal personal to you.

real personal food

abnormal taylor.

"My lifestyle sometimes means I skip meals. Grabbing abnormal in between meetings helps me keep on track."

Taylor WilliamsFulham

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abnormal changed my life

paper-based sachets.

Single-use plastic is a global issue, which is why abnormal. uses paper-based sachets to help reduce plastic usage.

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abnormal plastic free sachets

7 meal trial.

Discover your abnormal. complete meal in just 3 minutes.

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30 meals in a box.

abnormal. gets delivered to your door.

Each month you'll receive a 30 meal subscription with free delivery. At less than £2 per meal, it's also very affordable.

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30 meals in a box

all about the flavour.

Because abnormal. comes in individual sachets, you can choose any mix of flavours that you like. Simply select what tempts you before we start prepping your meal.

abnormal changed my life

an abnormal. mission

We want you to buy less food.

Wrap your head around that for a second - it's the exact opposite of what the food industry wants. But we’re abnormal by design.

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an abnormal mission

fight world hunger.

Every time you receive your subscription box, we make a donation to feed a starving child for a day.

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fighting world hunger